Phantom of the Disco!

In the spirit of our classic Drag, Sing-A-Long, Extravaganzas - Phantom of the Disco combines Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece with the songs of Donna Summer, ABBA, and more!  Playing from Feb 1st through March 2nd at Club Cafe.  

Foxy Presents: Wayne Manor

A Batman-Themed Masquerade Party with Performances.

Starring a Rogues Gallery of Batman’s Fiercest Villains portrayed by some of Boston's most beloved queens: Coleslaw, Neon Calypso, Violencia Exclamation Point, Raquel Surpreeze, JP. Sham Payne, & Qya Cristal

with a Retro Soundtrack Provided by Foxy DJs James Cerne & Nathanael Bluhm

and a Thrilling Action Sequence by Joey Pelletier & Heart & Dagger Productions

still now - a new play by Katie Bender

After witnessing the fall of the twin towers, Annie heads to Japan to study Butoh, looking for a dance form that expresses the destruction she can’t comprehend. Ten years later, Annie is diagnosed with stage four cancer and returns to Butoh to prepare for her final dance. still now confronts us with the accelerated motion of a woman learning and losing her body, accompanied by the doctors, teachers, friends and lovers that become her partners in movement, to ask the question: what can our bodies teach us that our minds cannot fathom?

May 5 - May 13 at the Boston Center for the Arts


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